Public Health in a Warming World

Public Health in a Warming World
Interviews with Dr. Paul Epstein

Interviews with Dr. Paul Epstein

In January 2011, I interviewed Dr. Paul Epstein, co-founder of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, for a video. Paul had a talent not only for research, but for communicating it with lucidity and compassion. His "foggy voice" (as his good friend, author Ross Gelbpsan describes it) drew you in and made you listen. As is so often the case, we used only a small fraction of his wonderful interview for the program we were producing. A few months later, Paul died of lymphoma.

In collaboration with director, editor Ian Brownell, and Mary Dewart, producer of the original video for Climate Change Action Brookline, I am publishing 11 videos cut from the original footage, with the hope of keeping Paul's vision alive at a time when his message is more urgent than ever.

Life in Death Valley

Headed for Death Valley?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gnocchi-Making Italian Seeks Beginning of the Universe

My sister's boyfriend Michele Limon is an astrophysicist. One summer afternoon a couple of years ago he organized a gnocchi-making festival in a 1920's former hotel in Isle-au-Haut Maine. All day long, children, teenagers, 20-somethings, parents and grandparents twisted long strings of floured potato dough hanging over every chair, counter, and cabinet door in the kitchen into perfect little gnocchi clouds.

Michele was part of another team that may have discovered some of the universe's oldest stars.  In 2006 a receiving device called the Arcade that Michele helped to launch began picking up strange radio static. At first the Goddard team thought they were making some kind of mistake, but eventually determined the radio static was really there. But what was it? Today, the team thinks the static could be coming from the ghosts of ancient, metal-free stars that had been formed by clouds of helium and hydrogen. If they're right, then these gassy masses exploded like gigantic Hindebergs in the earliest days of the universe.

Looking that far back in time is best done from the high, dry mountaintops in the Atacama Desert. When Michele first started going to Chile, the mountains were pretty desolate but today the area is packed with fellow star-gazers from all over the world. One spot bristles with over 60 antennas. Clusters of road signs direct crews to every experiment. At 8000 feet, the village of San Pedro boasts a thriving astronomic industry with over 30 restaurants and tourist attractions like ancient ruins, hot springs and flamingos in lagoons. 

Michele designs and deploys instruments that peer into the universe's ancient past. His father, an optician, crafted lenses and sold glasses and his son carries on in a tradition of developing technology that helps people see the world and the universe. While his uncle encouraged him to go to business school, Michele found that pursuit mind-numbing but there is  nothing boring about looking at the beginning of time and getting a glimpse of the evolution of the universe. Michele can't imagine anything more gratifying. 

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